Casa Vicky Mexican Restaurant, Banquet, Catering Menu

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All Breakfast Platters are served with beans, choice of Rice or Potatoes & Homemade Tortillas

Corn Tortillas topped w/ Enchilada Sauce

Chilaquiles w/Eggs A La Mexicana
Scrambled Eggs w/ Finely Chopped Bell Peppers, Onions, & Tomatoes

Nopales Eggs
Scrambled Eggs with Tender Cactus Stripes

Chopped Ham & Eggs

Bacon & Eggs

Eggs & Potatoes

Huevos Rancheros
2 Eggs on a Corn Tortilla, Topped with Spanish Sauce & Shredded Cheese

Huevos Chile Verde
2 Eggs w/ Green Sauce

Chorizo & Eggs
Mexican Sausage & Eggs

Breakfast Burrito or Mini Burrito

Bacon & Eggs
Chorizo & Eggs
Nopales & Eggs
Potato& Eggs
Chopped Ham & Eggs A La Mexicana
Machaca & Eggs
Scrambled Eggs

Breakfast Tortas

Choice of fillings from the breakfast burritos section

Hangover Delight

Pozole (Served 7 Days a week)
Menudo (Sat & Sun only)


All soups served with Rice & Tortillas
Cocido (Meat & Vegetable)
Chicken & Vegetable
Albondigas & Vegetable (Meat Ball Soup)

Take Out Containers

Meats - Barbacoa (shredded beef), Chile Verde (pork), Carnitas (shredded pork), Chile Colorado (beef), Pollo (shredded chicken) 32 oz. 16 oz. 8 oz.

Guacamole 32 oz. 16 oz. 8 oz.

Rice, Beans, or Salsa Fresca 32 oz. 16 oz. 8 oz.

Salsa Fresca Choices: Green or Red

Tortilla Chips 4.50 lbs


Small & Large Aguas Frescas
  Horchata (Rice Cooler)
  Jamaica (Hibiscos Flower Cooler)

Small & Large Fountain Drinks

  Domestic Beer
  Imported/Premium Beer

Margaritas (virgin style by request) Regular / Strawberry / Mango
  By the Glass
  By the Pitcher

Sangria Wine
  By the Glass
  By the Pitcher

Sangria Margarita Swirl
  By the Glass
  By the Pitcher

Wine White, Rosé or Red
  By the Glass
  By the Carafe

  banana, chocolate, mango, peach, strawberry, strawberry-banana

Specialty Coffees Small, Medium, Large, Choice of hot or iced

Gourmet House Coffee
Café De Olla
Cafe Latte
Double Espresso
Double Latte
Cafe Mocha
Double Cappuccino
Double Mocha
Cafe Au Lait

Additional Hot Beverages

Herbal Tea
Mexican Hot Chocolate

Selection Flavors
  Vanilla or Hazelnut

We use Mr. Espresso Oak Wood roasted coffee. A blend of carefully selected coffee beans freshly ground moments before brewing.